Investment in Doosan Puma VTS1620-M carrousel lathe

By investing in a Doosan Puma VTS1620-M carrousel lathe at the end of 2014, Peekstok’s processing capacity is enlarged even further. Bigger work with multiple operations out of difficult materials has been our specialty over the years. Big has now become bigger. The maximum turning diameter is 2.000mm and the maximum turning height is 1.556mm, with a workpiece weight of 10.000kg. We can turn more eficient now, because more work can be processed in one clamping.

The machine is equipped with a 1.600mm chuck and a 2.000mm diameter clamping plate. Servo controlled c-axis table enables milling, drilling and tapping with excellent rotational accuracy. The full fledged milling spindle in de zwaar uitgevoerde ram heeft een Big Plus BT50 opname. The coolant chiller lowers coolant temperature, helping to cool both the workpiece and tool during the machining operation. It is also equipped with the Sandvik Coromant Capto system, a workpiece measurement system  (Renishaw RMP 60) and a tool measurement system. More details here.



Placing this machine is a large project. The total weight of the machine is over 30.000kg. This time-lapse video shows placement by Jan van Dam Machinetransport in cooperation with importer Dormac. It does not show the preparatory work such as pile-driving activities en constructing the one meter thick, isolated foundation.


Doosan Puma VTS1620-M