Who do we work for

From state-of-the-art sailing yacht propulsion shafting to precision valve parts for oil and gas industry; Peekstok constructs complex, mechanical products of high quality. Peekstok is a critical partner in the supply chain of mayor players in Shipbuilding, Yacht building, Oil & Gas, Offshore & Subsea, Machine and Equipment Construction, Aerospace & Energy and scientific research worldwide.

Take a look at Offshore & Subsea products

Offshore & Subsea

With varying test capabilities, we produce very reliable products.

Take a look at Yacht building products

Yacht building

Velocity and estetics; that's what it's all about in yacht building.

Take a look at Shipbuilding products


We deliver a wide range of quality products with a high, technical design standard.

Take a look at Oil & gas products

Oil & gas

Geotechnical ground investigation equipment or seal parts for pipelines, we'd be happy to make it for you.

Take a look at Machine & equipment construction products

Machine & equipment construction

As a supplier of machine parts Peekstok likes to think along with you.

Take a look at Aerospace & Energy products

Aerospace & Energy

Peekstok has the expertise for making premium products.

Take a look at Scientific research products

Scientific research

For renowned knowledge and research institutes like TNO and TU Delft, Peekstok takes part in building pressure vessels and test set-ups.